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should stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives, not just in the united states but also in france and germany and throughout europe. and we're not doing this for the fun of it. this is to gather valuable intelligence which helps not just us but also helps the europeans. >> so, mark, we have allies that are upset with us, germany, france, mexico, brazil and spain. but the reality is that we're all doing this. >> i'd like putin to be angry with us, okay. i'd like to know that the north koreans are angry with us more than our allies but let's say what peter king just said. peter king is mixing apples and oranges. i agree with him, nsa spying that protects our national security is critical. but he is lumping in this what i would call gratuitous spying on our leaders that could have enormous consequences for our national security. >> what if this is just trust but verify? >> listen, in the end trust but verify comes down to a very simple proposition. they all knew that we're spying. they do it, everybody does it. but the fact of the mat
at the practical sides of the lawyer getting paid and using the insanity defense and when and how you do that and when is it justified? >> it's justice, morals, human nature is all on display. there are moments of levity which i was surprised which you were able to craft and that the writers were able to craft moments of levity where the audience does feel comfortable engaging in the laughter. it breaks the tension and once the audience understands it's okay to laugh with the funny parts and they get okay with it. >> and do we have the law and order -- ♪ >> yeah. do you shiver when you hear that? i know i do. >> i smile. it's a reflexive thing. fred, great to have you here. >> appreciate it. >> good luck as the show is on with broadway. >> a woman from north dakota plans to tackle childhood obesity and get this, she'll hand out letters to trick-or-treaters that she thinks are overweight or obese, advising them to lay off the sugar. this is just random images of kids trick or treating. it's not the actual woman that will be passing out those information leaflets. after we saw this homor
's had to be defensive about a policy that is a great policy, that rather than coming out and continuously with a positive message about kids being on their parents' policy until 26, about being able to be covered when you have pre-existing conditions, when you're like me and you had to buy a junk policy that nearly put you into bankruptcy because you got sick. so those kinds of issues we weren't able to get to because of some missteps that we saw earlier on. and so when will this conversation really be had? when we get out of this technology debacle and people can sane ign up for the health they deserve. >> later we'll have a look at some 2016 frontrunners. >>> will the twitter ipo bring in the big pucks? plus prayer and politics. the question before the supreme court this week. the ruling could impact the high court itself. but first, the president rolls into the battleground state of virginia. who does the gop have to help boost their ticket is this [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in
and a leader that can get people to fall in line? >> well, i'll give one defense of ted cruz with his actions with the filibuster and that's this. without strong leadership, there's a void and it allows someone like ted cruz to move forward and take that mantle. >> it wasn't a filibuster, it was a faux filibuster. everybody knew which way the wind was blowing before he started because he agreed to not have -- to not let it go that far with harry reid prior to that epic, you know, how many hours that faux thing was. >> ted cruz admitted that himself. we all knew that going in. but the fact remains he still tried to do the tactic, i don't know what it was for, we can debate that all day long. >> national press. >> i'm sorry? >> it was for national press. >> it was to fund raise. >> there's no leadership at the top to rein these folks in and say at the end of the day we have to govern something, move some policy forward. no one is doing that and that's why it's given ted cruz the opportunities he's had so far. >> we'll all know soon enough when he had a pimento and cheese sandwich when he goes t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)